The Christian College Phenomenon by Samuel Joeckel & Thomas Chesnes

“If humility were the dominant virtue in Christian higher education, then CCCU institutions would indeed be set apart in an arena where pride and arrogance are rampant.”

I am not a fan of compilation books, where each chapter is authored by a different professional. Instead of getting a central message, all you really get is a bunch of individual, non-related essays. When I came across The Christian College Phenomenon, I was apprehensive to buy it because of its structure, but I could not resist. The subject is near and dear to my heart, and seemed like a valuable piece to read.

Simply put, the essays in this book are a response to the findings the editors gathered after an extensive questionnaire given to CCCU students and faculty members. I did not find most of the answers surprising, nor did I find the responses from the authors unexpected. Perhaps being an alumni and current employee of a CCCU school will do that to you.

There was very little buy in from student affairs professionals in the surveys. A survey of student affairs professionals would have really enlightened the conversation. There were a few authors that mentioned this missing piece in their chapters.

All in all this is a good book. There is nothing fantastic or original, but great comments by some amazing people committed to the world of Christian higher education.

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