Christ-Centered Leadership by David McKenna

No author has impacted me more than David McKenna. He had an amazing career working in Christian higher education and he is able to pack so much insight and wisdom into his books. I look forward to reading everything I can find of his, and I hope to inspire others the way he has inspired me. 

Christ-centered Leadership is another work about McKenna’s leadership style. With his vast experience, a book about leadership could quickly become self-congratulatory, instead McKenna gives you a lesson in humility and sacrifice. 

To lead, Christ gave up His position, power and prestige. It was the only way he could be accessible to his sons and daughters. When you become a leader, you must give up these things as well. You need to be vulnerable, obedient, and humble.

“Sacrificial leadership is a journey, not a destination”

This was not my favorite work by McKenna but it is still valuable to me. His other works contained more anecdotes and stories from his days serving at different institutions. His tales are always remarkable and inspiring.