Christ-Centered Higher Education by David L. McKenna

McKenna is simply a legend. Without him the concept of the Christian college as we know it today would not exist. He served as President of three different Christian colleges. He was integral in the creation of the Consortium of Christian College s and the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. Anyone who has attended or worked at a Christian college is indebted to McKenna.

In a nutshell, Christ-Centered Higher Education is the history of Christian education in America starting after World War II. McKenna was a key figure in helping Christian colleges adapt in a turbulent time. His knowledge, hard work, and passion helped Christian institutions throughout the nation. When experts were forecasting an early grave, McKenna saw an opportunity for his beloved colleges to thrive.

McKenna gives us his story in three parts. The memory shows us where we have been. The meaning shows us why we are here. And the momentum shows us where we need to go. I highly recommend this book. It is a great lesson for every single Christian college faculty and student.

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