Change Leadership in Higher Education by Jeffrey L. Buller

Change is any organization is quite difficult. There are board members, executives, shareholders, customers, suppliers, neighbors, and other stakeholders that all have to be convinced before change can occur. This change is even more complex in the world of higher education.

Though college and university administrators are typically visualized as a team of bespectacled erudites with patches on their elbows that govern from dark wood rooms filled with thick books, higher education leadership is surprisingly flat and accessible. There is a shared trust between the board, the president, and the faculty. However, this shared trust actually makes higher education the seemingly immovable object so resistant to change. The larger the object, the harder it is to move.

Change Leadership in Higher Education is full of leadership theories and models. The book breaks them down to an almost annoying manner. Every page includes bullet points, lists, or a table. Having said that, this made the book easier to skim.

If you are interested in change leadership models, this book breaks it down pretty well. The conclusion at the end of each chapter is all you really need to read to understand everything.

Also, this book is only really interested in academic leadership. There is very little discussed from an administrative or student affairs side of higher education.

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