The Case for Faith by Lee Strobel

Lee Strobel is a former atheist and newspaper journalist. He uses both his experiences as a skeptical atheist and investigator to answer some of the biggest objections to the Christian faith. With a list of eight major objections, Strobel hops around the country meeting with various experts who can shed a little bit of light on each issue.

Clearly, there will never be a complete source of apologetics, but Strobel provides us with honest and scholarly feedback to each objection to the Christian faith. Each specialist Strobel interrogates, breaks down each objection to its core, helping us find the root of every objection of faith.

After each objection is address, Strobel approaches the concept of faith. Faith and emotions are not the same thing. When a mother hears her baby crying in the early morning hours, the mom gets up to help her baby. She would rather be asleep in her warm bed, but she gets up because she loves her baby. This is how faith works. Faith pushes us to believe in something we cannot see. Faith pushes us to do things when we do not feel like doing. We will always have doubt, but we will always have God.

I doubt a true atheist will be convicted after reading this book or any book for that matter. There will always be holes in every argument but that is why we call it faith. I think for a Christian this a good start to apologetics. The book gives us simple responses to tough questions without being arrogant or unloving.