The Case for a Creator by Lee Strobel

I really enjoyed the Strobel’s previous books on Christ and faith, so when I saw the Case for a Creator, I quickly snatched it up. However I was a little disappointed this time around.

When trying to do apologetics through science, things get sketchy really quickly. To say it simply, God is really outside of science. We can definitely use science to show us the wonder of creation and the awesomeness of our Creator. However, science itself cannot really show us anything about God or prove anything. Anything science labels as a mystery should not be marked as divine. Anything science labels as mystery should be furthered researched and marked as knowledge not yet known.

I am a strong believer in God and firm believe in science and education. We should never fear science. Sure, our limited human minds will deceive us. Centuries ago we thought the earth was flat; what will we laugh at centuries from now? The more we study the universe the more we will learn about God.

The book is decent but like Case for Christ, if you think one argument does not hold ground then each following argument is worthless.

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