Bums by Peter Golenbock

What’s the difference between sporting events and reality television? Nothing. Both add nothing to society, but I enjoy baseball nonetheless.

I’m a big Dodger fan. That is probably one of the first things you would know about me if you met me. I love going to Dodger Stadium, purchasing an overpriced hot dog, and watching twenty five grown men wearing crisp white uniforms with blue hats compete playing a sport that is meant for kids.

In addition to watching games, I love the history of the Dodgers. From their days in Brooklyn to the Guggenheim Era.

Bums is an extensive work on the history of the Brooklyn Dodgers. You get wonderful stories from everyone: players, coaches, wives, batboys, owners, etc. It is a quite impressive work on the storied Brooklyn Dodgers.

The book is, however, a little bit too long in my opinion. My frustration with oral histories is the lack of editing. I do not want to hear five sides to the same story, I want someone to edit these narratives and find me a polished story.

I think you will enjoy this book if you love baseball history. If you lean more to a casual fan, then I think this book is a pass.