The Bullpen Gospels by Dirk Hayhurst

“Well, baseball is a lot of things, but it’s not everything.”

When I was a young lad, baseball was everything to me. Becoming a Major League Baseball player was the only dream I ever knew. I remember clearly the day I found out that the big leaguers actually get paid to play. And not only did they get paid, they get paid loads of money. My tiny child brain could not comprehend why someone would pay me to play baseball when I would do it for free. Heck, my parents were playing the city league so I could play.

Quickly we all grow up, we begin to understand the dirty reality that is professional baseball. Though our dreams persevere, the road to the majors – both literal and metaphorical – is long and arduous. Dirk Hayhurst is the quintessential minor league veteran. He hops from town to town, bus to bus, level to level trying to find his main purpose. The Bullpen Gospels beautifully intertwines the absurdity of minor league baseball with life’s most significant problems. In the moment a relief pitcher dealing with a full count with men on base appears crucial, however couple this moment with the tragedy of dysfunctional family and everything gets a new perspective.

Dirk Hayhurst is an incredible communicator. Once you start this book, it is nearly impossible to set down. A great book.