Building the Chrsitian Academy by Arthur F. Holmes

“Biblical faith had not room for anti-intellectualism; instead, faith and learning were mutually supportive and mutually enriching.”

The relationship between Christianity and higher education has been around for a very long time. And like any long term relationship, it has had its ebbs and flows. From the ancient Greek philosophers to modern day administrators, the integration of faith and learning has always been a deep debate.

In Building the Christian Academy, Holmes walks us through the history of Christian knowledge and wisdom. Eventually every philosopher and educator reaches virtually the same conclusion: education is more than just the transportation of knowledge from one to another. True Christian higher education enlightens us, shows us that all truth is God’s truth, and challenges us to use our knowledge in the service of our Lord and others. Christian education has a leg up on secular education, because it provides the bonding agent for all truth.

It was interesting to go through the history of education both philosophically and organizationally. It is fun to see that the discussions we have today in American higher education are just continuations of debates that originated nearly two thousand years ago.

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