Building a Culture of Faith by Cary Blazer & Rod Reed

“Younger adults are not coming to us for answers; rather they are seeking a person who will allow their questions to be voices and their story to be told.”

I am beginning to notice that collaborative works are very popular in higher education. Editors compile interesting ideas, thoughtful essays, and in-depth studies written by amazing men and women in the field of higher education to provide the reader with a wealth of knowledge and insight. I like these books because they present a great arrangement of diverse professionals in the field. On the other hand, I find these books a bit unbearable; though they may share a common theme, the chapters ultimately feel like separate, unconnected works – because they are.

That all aside, Building a Culture of Faith is a very interesting and important read. To do Christian higher education correctly, every faculty, staff, and student needs to understand the core principles. From the president of the university to adjuncts to the wide-eyed freshman, everyone is responsible for the spiritual formation of the school.

I think this book would be a great investment to any university administrator looking for innovative ways to focus their campus on Christ.

“One of the most important things Jesus did was listen to people in such a way that they discovered the image of God within themselves.”