Breaking Up with God by Sarah Sentilles

“Sometimes you break up with the person you love because you discover he isn’t who you though he was.”

Losing the faith is a very interesting topic. I have seen so many people lose their faith. I went to a Christian high school and a Christian university. So many of my old friends and acquaintances were once highly-involved, highly-religious young men and women. But something happened; something must have happened.

You have probably heard of a stable Christian dropping his faith after a sudden tragic event. The tragedy and their faith just could not coexist. Christians and non-Christians sympathize with them. We have all faced trials and we all experience doubt.

Breaking Up with God by Sarah Sentilles is not about those faith-shattering events, it is about an up-and-down long-term relationship with God. She grew up in Catholic home with an Episcopalian mother. God had always been a part of her life, but the relationship was far from perfect. Sarah chronicles her childhood legalism, her teenage battle with an eating disorder, her troubled relationships with men in college, and her search for a calling and purpose.

I think many Christians would read this book and see Sarah as a nominal Christian who never embraced a real personal relationship with God. I would disagree. I think Sarah zealously wanted a relationship with God, but the more she tried to connect with God the more distant God felt. And in the end she felt like she needed to break up with this perceived long-distance relationship with God.

I enjoyed this book. At times, the author went on a few long tangents that didn’t add to the book’s discussion of faith. But in the end, I really appreciated her candor and honesty. All break ups hurt, especially when it is with God.