Born Standing Up by Steve Martin

Years ago, stand-up comedians were just young men trying to make a living telling crude jokes at bars across the country. Steve Martin changed the game. He was one of the first comics with a rock star status. He sold out massive arenas and changed the face of comedy. His humor was irreverent and absurd, the first in a new generation of comedians. 

Martin’s professional career started at newly-opened Disneyland selling guidebooks, later working the famous magic shop on Main Street. Years later he landed a writing job on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, and from there his career soared to the legendary status he has today. 

Though he looked like the boy next door, Martin was on the cutting edge of culture and comedy. The story of Steve Martin is the story of American culture as it evolved through the turbulent sixties and chaotic seventies. His comedy was a beautiful distraction for a nation struggling to find’s its new identity.

If you want to know the pulse of the American culture during a certain period, look at the jesters. Steve Martin was the best. He helped lead a revolution in America, one laugh at a time.