The Book of Why by Judea Pearl

I don’t know where to start with this book. This is definitely not the book I expected. I don’t know how I came across this book, I believe it was referenced in another book I read and after reading the description, it seemed fascinating.

To me, the presentation of the book was quite dull and way too mathematical. The book started fairly interesting by describing human brains as very powerful and very complicated engines. Thus, creating an artificial intelligence that requires a large capacity to learn and adopt causal concepts is extremely. The rest of the book was mostly lifeless with diagrams and mathematical equations. Every so often, the author would discuss some real life situations that were very thought-provoking but it was not enough to save this book for me.

Now I don’t want to through this book in the garbage. I am well aware that my small brain may not have grasped the concepts discussed, and just because I did not like the subject, does not mean the subject is useless. It just was not for me.

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