Blindspot by Mahzarin R. Banaji and Anthony G. Grenwald

I first heard about the Implicit Association Test (IAT) from Malcolm Gladwell. In one of his works (I can’t recall which one), Gladwell discusses on bias and how ingrained they can be in our minds. He even took the IAT and it showed that he held a negative bias towards African Americans. As the son of a Jamaican woman, Gladwell was stunned by these results. Apparently, though you may see yourself as an independent entity, you are very much a product of the system you grew up in.

If this is all you know about the IAT, I think you are set. If you want to know more, Blindspot can enlighten you. The IAT was developed authors Banaji and Greenwald.

Everyone has a bias. It is impossible as a human to function without bias. Humans are social creatures. This book dives deep into this idea.

Though interesting, this book was not my favorite. I felt like Gladwell did a better job communicating the power of the IAT and its effects.

If you want to learn more specifically about the IAT, this is the book for you. I think the IAT is interesting, it is descriptive but not prescriptive. I think the IAT can show us a flaw in society, but not in individual biases.

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