Big Questions, Worthy Dreams by Sharon Daloz Parks

“Emerging adulthood is rightfully a time of asking big questions and crafting worthy dreams…We human beings are unable to survive, and certainly cannot thrive, unless we can make meaning.”

The transition from adolescence into adulthood can be a rather challenging. Not only is a time where we must find meaning and purpose, it is also the time we are expected to find a job, find our partner, pick a religion (or lack thereof). The transition can be rather traumatic.

Sharon Daloz Parks walks us through the mind of the emerging adult. They may be overwhelmed with hope but paralyzed by fear. They may be self-indulgent yet be extremely lacking in confidence. Emerging adults are not looking for the right answers. They are yearning for the right questions. They are hunger to dream big.

This is a pretty decent book on the inner-life of the emerging adult. Working in Christian higher education, I definitely feel like the challenges laid out in the book are the challenges I seek and face daily when working with students. I do believe I have a greater freedom to confront a student’s spiritual life and push them towards asking the right questions and finding the bigger dreams.