Between Heaven and Mirth by James Martin

"Humor helps us to endure suffering by giving us something of a break and reminding us that pain is not the last word for the one who believes in God."

This book was purchased after seeing the author on the satirical program The Colbert Report. The Jesuit had been on the show a few times and I was always impressed by his witty yet knowledge responses.

In our spiritual walk, we usually refere to our "experiences with God" as solemn, deeply emotional moments. Rarely do we ever hear someone experiencing God during times of laughter or joy, even though the Lord creatd laughter and delights in our joy.

Humor, like any powerful  tool, can be used to build, humble, and destroy. It ought to be used with great respect and care. "Joy, deeper than happiness, is a virtue that finds its foundation in the knowledge that we are loved by God."