Becoming Nehemiah by David McKenna

Oh biblical leadership. Anyone who has been in the church long enough has heard a sermon (or sermon series) on biblical leadership. You learn about the management skills of Moses, the folly of Saul, the righteousness of David, the wisdom of Solomon, the tasks of each prophet, and of course, Jesus and his board of advisors.

But in reality, we would never allow any of these biblical leaders near any of our churches. Moses stutters. Saul is conceited. David is an adulterer and a murderer. Solomon is a ladies man. The prophets are crazy. And this Jesus fellow is to radical, even his trusted disciples rejected him.

David L. McKenna is one of my favorite authors. He is a well-respected, Christian leader that does not give you spiritual clichés. The book Becoming Nehemiah is the leadership story of Nehemiah, but McKenna does not gloss over the ugly parts. Nehemiah had a very usual journey into his role. Nehemiah’s journey was long and tedious with very few moments of success. Nehemiah failed at times.

Being perfect is not an attribute of a great leader; getting results while being faithful is the sole trait of a great leader.

This is a good book. It is not my favorite McKenna book but it is still good. He keeps things short and sweet. His brevity makes is very appreciated.

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