Beautiful Outlaw by John Eldredge

Atheism is not the Christian’s biggest opponent; neither are Muslims, pluralists, evolutionists, intellectuals, democrats, or gay people. A Christian’s greatest enemy is Christianity. We have created a religion in America that is too focused on control, exclusion, and rejection.

Jesus relished in upsetting the religious elite who epitomized controlling others, excluding the weak, and rejecting the poor.

Being a Christian is not only about following Jesus Christ and His ways, it is primarily about being in a close relationship with Him. Jesus is fully God yet He became fully human; a human with a personality, jokes, laughter, anger, and tears. Centuries of stained glass, renaissance paintings, and one-dimensional films have given us a very skewed view of Jesus. In this book, John Eldredge tries to recapture humanity of Jesus while simultaneously emphasizing His divinity.

The book is straightforward and uncomplicated. Though a good theme, I didn’t find anything in this book to be noteworthy or significant. Perhaps a good read for young readers struggling with finding their identity in Christ, but other than that I didn’t find it to be a memorable book.