The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr.

A few years ago I picked up the autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr. simply because I felt like I did not really know much about him. In today’s world, Martin Luther King, Jr. is more legend than human. We all learn the basic facts about him: what he stood for and when his birthday is. However, I was never really educated about the man. I wanted to know his story. I wanted to hear his internal life.

His life fascinates me. King never sought out to be a civil rights leader. He believed his life’s mission was to be a simple preacher at a small church in the south. However, his passion for love and truth moved him into action. He faced many trials. He faced many enemies. But, his love for God and his love for his fellow man gave him miraculous strength.

Like many people today, I consider King as one of my heroes. Rarely do we see a leader with such commitment. King never renounces his values. I believe King is a great example of humility. Many times in his life King is anxious and afraid. He felt defeated. Sometimes his mind would wander and he would think about retreating back to his first ambition of a simple church. But when he looked towards his Lord, he saw something greater- much greater. He knew God did not need him. God does not need any man. While most people would find the concept of helplessness overwhelming, King found it reassuring.

He was doing the Lord’s work. When he remembered that God was in charge, and not himself, and not the evildoers of this world, King would remain strong and continue His dream for love and peace.

This is an amazing book about a legendary man.