An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth by Chris Hadfield

Some days I feel accomplished. I have two degrees, a fulfilling job, and a beautiful family. I am humble yet proud of my hard work.

And then I read a book about an astronaut and it all seems to come crashing down.

There are not a lot of heroes left; men and women with exceptional abilities who are universally honored. Astronauts, I believe, are our last hope. To be an astronaut, you need to be an exceptional person, a near expert in numerous fields.

Chris Hadfield is an exceptional person. However, as he states in his book, there is nothing innately exceptional about him. He simply stuck to his dream and he worked extremely hard. At times we was definitely lucky, but he never settled on luck, he always took those fortunate opportunities to grow.

This book is part autobiography, part advice, and part storytelling but it is completely fascinating. On his way to becoming a celebrated astronaut, Hadfield learned a lot things, but the things he learned made him a better person. These small nuggets of wisdom can help anyone become something greater.

This book is a wonderful read. Anyone who is slightly interested in space will love this book.