Arise by Clayton and Ellen Kershaw

There is not a lot of hope left in professional sports, let’s be honest. It seems like every week there is another big name athlete in some sort of trouble. Even our “respectable” athletes are greedy numbskulls constantly looking for bigger paychecks and blaming others for all their personal woes. Truthfully, parents today would probably rather not have their kids idolize today’s professional athletes.

Clayton Kershaw is not your typical athlete. He is much, much more. With his wife Ellen by his side both physically and spiritually, Kershaw strives to be a Christian first and a baseball player second. In their book, Clayton and Ellen document their years together starting in high school until the present. They grow as a couple but most importantly they grow together in the Lord. Ellen has a heart for the people of Zambia. Clayton has a passion for baseball and standing out as a Christian in an un-Christian world. They encourage each other, support each other, and pray for each other. 

Every young man and woman should read the story of Clayton and Ellen Kershaw. Their story isn’t typical but it is inspiring to see a young man and woman be so dedicated to serving and loving others. Clayton gives us hope that athletes can be our heroes again.