Aloof by Tony Kriz

Quiet and numb, I would try to pray, but the only words I could muster were, ‘I choose to believe you exist today. I choose to believe you exist today. I choose to believe you exist today. I choose to believe you exist today.’”

Life is full of questions. Why do bad things happen to good people? Where is God when it hurts? Why does God seem so distant when things get difficult? Why is God so aloof?

I first heard of Tony Kriz when I worked at a Christian college in Oregon. Tony spoke at a chapel on campus and I was amazed at his openness and sincerity. I picked up his first book, Neighbors and Wise Men, and it was refreshing to hear about some frank, authentic, doubt-filled faith. When I was alerted that Tony wrote another book, I knew I had to read it.

Aloof is full of stories; stories of faithfulness and doubt, stories of joy and pain, stories of clarity and confusion. Tony does not try to wrap things up in pretty, little packages. He will unleash a doubt or uncertainty and let it hang there. Sometimes working through the confusion is more important that finding a solution. Being a follower of Christ is not about having an answer to every single question or doubt.

I love Tony’s analogy concerning a childlike faith versus a mature faith. When you are a child, you see your parents nearly every day. When you are an adult, you see your parents very irregularly. However, when you are an adult you know more about your parents than you did as a child. Perhaps, God works with me the same way.

This is a good book. Anyone who has struggled with doubt will relate to this book. I can relate to this book. Many Christian authors may try to give you seven steps towards a stronger faith. Tony, on the other hand, just says, “I choose to believe you exist today.”