9 Innings by Daniel Okrent

I love baseball. I think it is a very poetic game. Each game was wonderful characters and multiple storylines that I can sit and watch while eating a hot dog.

Many people I know are not affectionate towards baseballs. In some cases, I know people who hate baseball. They find it slow, boring and odd. After reading 9 Innings by Daniel Okrent, I understand (a little) how they feel.

This book dragged on and on. Okrent is a great writer, but his transitions from the game and story were very wide. By the time he got back to the game, I had already forgotten everything. I forgot the batter, the score, the situation, everything.

His stories were at times good. I enjoyed early information on Bud Selig (who later became MLB Commissioner) and the infamous Earl Weaver. However, the other characters were forgettable for me. The idea of the book was the intricacies of an ordinary baseball game, but in the end I was bored.