3 Nights in August by Buzz Bissinger

“Beautiful. Just beautiful baseball.”

Tony La Russa is one of the most successful managers in baseball history. Every game is a lengthy epic with countless stories and numerous subplots. La Russa is meticulous, always scheming for an edge. He and his army of coaches keep detailed notes on every player and every pitcher in the league including their own. 

Though the season may seem long and tedious, each game counts. A whole season can change in one game. La Russa knows this and he works tirelessly to win each day. 

Bissinger’s 3 Nights in August is exhaustive look into the mind of Tony La Russa. Though the game has changed significantly over the years with home runs, deep bullpens, sabermetrics, and so on; nothing can replace experience. 

La Russa managed with an unmatched intensity though he remained stoic and poker-faced.  With his retirement at the end of the 2011 season after the Cardinals magical comeback against the Texas Rangers, baseball lost one of its most respected managers. 

Anyone who loves baseball, who loves the nuances of the game, the joys and the heartbreaks, will love this book.