10 Days Without by Daniel Ryan Day

What’s the difference between a good blog and a good book?

I think that’s a pretty valid question. I follow a handful of blogs that I find rather interesting. Blog entries tend to be short and specifically relevant. Structurally, a blog tends to less premeditated and more stream of consciousness. Furthermore, how we read blogs on articles online is much different than a book. When I read a book I am taking a time out from my day, however when I read something online it tends to be in the middle of something else, so something quick to the point is imperative.

10 Days Without started out as an experiment that Daniel Ryan Day chronicled on this website. For ten days Day would withdraw from an item or action. Not only was he looking for an experience – to experience emptiness, hardship, and need – but he was also looking campaign for a cause, to shed light on a need that affects millions a people every day.

For ten days Day goes without something, followed by another round of ten days without. In the book Day chronicles ten days without shoes, a coat, media, furniture, legs, waste, speech, and human touch. Each ten day span teaches Day something about himself and the world he lives in. He influences the people around him including his very considerate wife and kids.

In the end, 10 Days Without is a very quick read. I wouldn’t consider the book a life changer, but it is interesting. It does feel like I am reading a blog more than a book, but perhaps that was the Day’s intention.

The books was provided to me as part of the "Blogging for Books" program by WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing. "This program was designed for one purpose: Give out free books to bloggers in exchange for an honest review." 

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